Go for the kill…

This is a new mantra that production houses are using to do the unpleasant task of conveying to the actor that he is not required. Jeetu Malkani, aka Pranay from the new generation of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii has been bumped off from the show. Apparently, the actor was not up to the mark and the creative team was dissatisfied with his performance. As a result, he’s been replaced by Navin Shah.

According to the sources, after the generation leap the new actors in the show were really in-sync with their respective characters, except Jeetu. The creative team thought that with time he would learn the tricks of the trade. But, the actor did not improve. Later, authorities at Balaji Telefilms’ warned the actor to pull up his socks or face the axe.

Jeetu himself went for a make-over to spice up his performance. The cast of Kahaani… also used to give him acting tips to improve his performance. But, Jeetu failed to meet the expectations. So, Balaji has decided to replace him with another actor, Navin Shah to portray the character of Pranay.

When contacted, Meetu, creative head of Kahaani… confirmed the news. “Yes. Jeetu has been replaced in the show. I won’t be able to comment any further,” she said. We tried to get in touch with Jeetu Malkani, but a female voice kept telling us – “He is sleeping and won’t be able to take the call.”

Ranjib Mazumder

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