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Dance reality show Nach Baliye 3 is bending its own rules this time. Apparently the ten contestants in the show are not good enough to give the show the boost it requires. They have invited Juhi Parmar as the eleventh contestant to beef up the show. Interestingly, as per the show the Nach Baliye couples have to be real life couples with strong chemistry to boot, but let alone chemistry, Juhi doesn’t even have a partner. But that has not deterred the channel – they are going out of their way to hunt for a suitable partner… er…by holding auditions.

Says Juhi, “The channel had approached me to be a part of the show in the past also. But my problem is that I don’t have a ‘baliye’ (partner). This time also I turned down the offer for the same reason but they assured me that they would get me a partner,” she said.

Are there any criteria for her partner, like an age limit, etc? “Though there are no dos and don’ts for the candidate, I don’t think there is any age limit. He could be a 70-year-old man, provided that he can dance to a tune,” she quips.

How will she ensure a great chemistry with a complete stranger? “That’s the biggest challenge for me. We have not selected the guy yet. All the couples who are participating in the show are either seeing each other or married. I can only hope to have a rocking chemistry with my would-be partner. I am keeping my fingers crossed!” she says.

Though Juhi is ‘super excited and ‘double nervous’, she says, “I am all geared up for the show. Imagine my condition, I have yet to get the suitable partner and only then I will be able to start practising.”

Ranjib Mazumder

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