Ousted participant of Indian Idol 3, Richa Aneja must be regretting her high-handed attitude with fellow participant Prashant Tamang, now the third Indian Idol. Richa Aneja had earlier refused to sing with Prashant, fearing his performance would bring hers down. She was afraid that her partnership with Prashant would reduce her chances of winning the contest. But unfortunately while Richa was soon voted out, Prashant went on to win the Indian Idol 3 crown. How does Richa feel about the guy she had trashed, the guy who was eventually crowned the third Indian Idol?

“Prashant is a nice person and he sings well. It would have been great if Amit Paul had won, though I’m happy that Prashant has made it,” Richa says.

Richa Aneja, from Amritsar, had expressed her apprehension towards partner Prashant Tamang later judges Javed Akhtar and Alisha Chinai managed to cajole her to go ahead. Richa had found her room noisy and refused to practice there.When she was asked to practice in Prashant’s room, she had said, “I don’t go to other people’s rooms.” Finally, it was her father who persuaded her to practice there.

She clarifies, “There was a bit of misunderstanding between us. He had come late for the rehearsals and I was not too happy about it.This stage was an important platform for me. I didn’t know how to sing a duet. I was used to singing solo. Maybe that is why I reacted that way. But I have apologised to him and there are no hard feelings between us.”

When contacted Prashant, he says, “Now when I look back at the incident I think it was just a misunderstanding. She was being immature. She felt uncomfortable singing with me, she thought that I wouldn’t be able to perform as well as her But we have made up now, and she is happy at my success.”

Ashwini Deshmukh

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