Sai-Shakti prepare for life post Ek Ladki…

With Ek Ladki Anjani Si going off air, the show’s and real life couple Sai-Shakti Anand are looking forward to a much deserved break. The show has completed nearly a year and after a number of replacements, it is finally going to be replaced by Ambar Dhara.

Says Sai: “I am feeling good that the show did very well. When I entered Ek Ladki…it was only for two months old. After that it started doing well and ran for a year. If a show is not doing well and ends we feel bad about it, but this did well and we are finishing at the peak.”

She admits she is going to miss the unit of the show a lot. “I am mostly going to miss my cameraman, assistants, spot boys and hair dresser. They were like a family to me. I still remember the day when whole unit went to Lonawala for the picnic. It was really beautiful and we partied till the morning. I will never forget that. We are going to have our farewell party next week.”

Any future plans of working with Shakti again? “When I finished Saara Akash and Nach Baliye people asked me the same question but you never know what is going to happen next. May be we will get another project together. Till then, we are planning for a world tour and the Ganapati preparations are in fully swing.”

Ek Ladki’s last episode will be telecast next week. It is the story of a girl who gets pregnant after doctors mistakenly injected her. It will be replaced by Ambar Dhara which deals with conjoined twins and the problem they face in day-to-day lives.

Sonali Joshi

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