Karan being stripped-off in Titan Antakshri

Himani Kapoor yet again plays a prank on co-host Karan Oberoi, on the sets of Titan Antakshari. Read on to catch up to all the action…

Post the exit of the little champs, Zee’s Titan Antakshri is now taken over by the young college students of India. With the Inter-collegiate championship in full swing, shoots have become a one of a kind, roller coaster ride for the hosts Karan Oberoi and Himani Kapoor. Himani’s non stop pranks on Karan, have added the much needed entertainment factor to the show and after the rakhi incident, where Karan did whatever it took, to avoid the Rakhi that Himani got for him, Himani now got all the girl participants of the show to play a prank on him.

As a part of the game, the college girls just had to take Karan’s coat off. But Himani in turn asked these girls to go ahead and strip him off. Himani cheered as these girls got carried away, then started pulling his clothes from all ends. Poor Karan got nervous and was utterly shocked when the girls completely stripped him off. Karan was too embarrassed to do anything.

Some of the production house people had to come and rescue the poor guy. Well, will this stop Himani from the pranks? Or will the fun and masti continue the same way? Well, to catch all the dhamaal, tune in to Titan Antakshari, only on Zee TV!

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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