Its John Vs Bipasha in Indian Idol this Saturday

With the Grand Finale just a week away, the finalists Prashant and Amit team up with Bipasha and John respectively, and give powerful performances. Don’t miss all the action this Saturday…

Hand in Hand, are John and Bipasha
Seeing this cute pair together, can we now forget the reports that came in about their split-up? Give this a thought!!

John Abraham and Bipasha team up with Indian Idol Finalists;

Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang

On Saturday, September 15 at 9 p.m.

The grand finale of Indian Idol is just a step away. As one looks back on the last few months –from the auditions in different parts of the country, through the piano rounds, theatre rounds and to the last gala round it has been a truly memorable journey. Season 3 of Indian Idol has unanimously been declared the most popular with its worldwide viewers, talent and popularity of its contestants.

The gala round culminates this week. The two contestants who met during the piano round in Mumbai and became friends almost instantly, and have remained room mates and best buddies throughout the contest, are ironically pitted against each other in the finals. To their credit, Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang are fighting to the finish to deliver their best, yet with not a dent in their friendship which speaks volumes about the people they are.

The last gala round before the finals will be a very special event. It will have two very special guests – John Abraham and Bipasha Basu. The two decide to be on opposite teams to play a different ball game. Their “Goal” is to support the two competitors. As Bipasha chooses to support Amit, Bipasha’s mother also supported her daughter’s decision, and sided Amit. John threw his weight behind Prashant. So with the battle lines drawn and the sides picked, there was no time to waste as the fabulous fight of music rolled on…

In the first round, each contestant sang a song of their choice. In the second, they sang a song given by the other as challenge. Prashant sang Amit’s choice of song for him Badi mushkil hai … with such gay abandon, that he had Annu Malek’s vote for the Indian Idol title! Prashant’s challenge for Amit was to sing Bulla ki jaana main kaun.. Amit got a standing ovation from all the four judges for it! Bipasha hoped that some day soon, Amit would do playback singing for John, so that she would have the pleasure of hearing a romantic song in Amit’s voice sung for her! Did someone say the two had broken up???

In the final segment both contestants sang Tanhaiyee… from Dil chahta hai… the judges found it hard to decide who was better. It is going to be even harder for the viewers, this is a fact. Once again every viewer wishes that the best man wins the Indian Idol title. Go ahead and select your best man!

Do not miss Indian Idol for anything on Saturday, September 15th at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television .

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