Idol Talk: Prashant or Amit?

Prashant Tamang and Amit Paul, the two finalists of Indian Idol 3, are staying at Lyods Estate (15th floor) in Wadala (Mumbai) – the same place where last year’s finalists Sandeep and Karunya prepared for their big day. Though Prashant and Amit were not present when we visited the place, we asked some residents of the area about the two singers from North East India.

Padmaja, who has been staying there for the past two years, says, “Both of them are nice but Amit can sing all kinds of songs, which is not case with Prashant. They do not have any attitude problems at all. They are not allowed to talk to others but do interact with us. The kids here especially like Amit and he too plays with them. He is a very polite person and I am definitely going to vote for him. I want to go for the finals in Delhi and have even asked Amit for passes. He promised me that he is going to give it to me.”

Another resident Kirti adds, “I like Amit’s singing more than Prashant’s and I am going to vote for him. I follow the show very closely; in fact I leave my work and sit in front of the television for this show. I like it so much that I even watch the repeat telecast. My kids play with them and they sing songs for the kids. We meet them in the lift or when they go to the gym. They are very nice. In the earlier seasons, the winners were from big cities but this time the finalists are from small towns, so there is a chance that they will get much more votes and support.”

Tight schedule

Both Amit and Prashant are continuously surrounded by security guards who work in shifts. They leave the place early in the morning and only come back by 10 in the night. Both the boys are busy in recordings, rehearsals and shootings for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s episode. The finale of the show is going to take place in Delhi on Sunday in the presence of lots of celebrities.

What you can watch out for…

In Thursday’s episode, both finalists are going to pay tribute to the judges by singing their songs.

On Friday, their performance on the Kolkata tour will be showcased.

Saturday will see Prashant performing on his favourite songs.

And on Sunday, India will get its third Indian Idol.

Sonali Joshi

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