Are U Aware of Conjoined Twins?

We often use the term “Siamese twins”, when we see a similarity in behavior of two persons, who though are different individuals but show similar behavioral pattern. But in reality, “Siamese twins” or “Conjoined twins” are those twins who are joined to each other bodily at some identical location. Calling them “conjoined twins” seems like a misnomer. “Conjoined” means ” to join or become joined together, or to unite,” which is exactly the opposite of what happens in these cases.

Conjoined twins are formed when identical twinning goes awry and the result is non formation of two separate individuals. Wherever the embryo stopped dividing, the twins that would have been two separate identities, melt back into a single entity. Although there are scattered historical hints, there are few definitive records of Conjoined twins until the second millennium, and most of those are quite recent. The most famous Siamese twins in history are Chang and Eng Bunker from China, who were connected by a short length of skin on their chests. Today with the advancement of science and technology, such twins are being separated through surgery to give them individual lives.

Sony TV has planned to come out with a new out-of-box serial Amber Dhara, to be produced by Siddharth Kumar Tiwari and Vikas Seth of Swastik Pictures, which is going to explore on this topic of Conjoined twins. The story is based on two sisters who are Conjoined twins, each with her own, dreams, ambitions, and aspirations, but as fate would have it, share the same body. The role of these two twins is being played by complete new comers. The serial has some leading artists from TV industry like Paintal, Mona Ambegaonkar, Viju Khote etc.

This concept for the serial is totally novel and is totally an unexplored arena for most common viewers. It will surely raise some thought provoking questions in the minds of the viewers. Depending on how much these twins are joined to each other; one would surely like to know …

– What would be their day to day life style?

– Will they be separated by surgery and will each lead an independent life or will they be two heads with one heart?

– Does each of them carry the same feelings, the same hope and aspirations or do they both vary in their thought process?

– Will both have the same emotional and intelligence quotient?

– Can they have a normal life if they are separated by surgery? How normal can they be?

Well, questions are many, but guess we need to think and analyse a lot, to get the answers to these questions. Pour in your thoughts here;

But to know about the story of two Conjoined Twins, Amber and Dhara, we will have to wait and watch the new serial with a unique concept, Amber Dhara starting from 24th September, at 9 PM, Monday-Thursday only on Sony ….

Author: Barnali, Srividya Rajesh

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