Saloni ka safar

Rajshri Thakur of Saat Phere has packed her bags for her paid vacation. She’s taking a trip to Jaipur, in Rajasthan.

Rajshri’s claim to fame is the daily soap Saat Phere that represents the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. Although Rajshri plays the protagonist in the serial, which has been on air for over a year now, she has never been to Rajasthan. To get a better feel of the character the channel has decided to take her on a trip to Jaipur.

Says Rajshri, “The serial Saat Phere is about the typical Rajasthani culture and all the characters represent that essence. Colour discrimination is prevalent in Rajasthan, so the audience easily got connected with the storyline.”

She adds, “Although I play the central character Saloni in the serial I have never been to Jaipur. I have heard a lot about the vibrancy of the city but, this time I’m really excited about the trip as I am going to understand my character better after this trip. I hope to get ample time to visit some other cities of Rajasthan too.”

However, when asked if it isn’t too late as the show has been on air for over a year, she says, “It’s better late than never. Moreover, I will interact with the audience to know their reactions too.”

Rajshri has heard a lot about the city and has already made many plans for her trip. “I plan to do a lot of shopping for jewelleries, saris and a lot more. I also want to go sightseeing to places like Hawa Mahal and various forts as I have heard a lot about them,” she says.

Ranjib Mazumder

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