Rain rain, come again

Sharad and Divyanka in …Dulhann For a make-believe rain sequence in Zee TV’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann the water tanker leaked and they ran out of water leaving the unit in a lurch. But then the rain Gods came to their rescue.

The scene required Sagar aka Sharad Malhotra and Vidya aka Divyanka Tripathi to get drenched in the rain. As Sagar is scared of water the rain was essential for the scene to bring the cathartic effect. Like all rainy sequences, the production house also hired a water tanker to create the scene. But half way through the scene the water-tanker got empty and it was not possible to hire another water-tanker. The team panicked as there was an entire day ahead of them. Says Ismail Umar Khan, director of the show, “It was really disastrous that the water got over in the middle of the shoot.”

But strange are the ways of God. The cast and crew had nothing to do but wait. They all got together and started playing Antakshri. Ismail says, “Then we started playing Antakshri. It was 12.30 after mid-night when someone from the team started singing ‘Ghanan Ghanan…’ from Lagaan,”

And it actually started pouring! Says Shard, “It was really awesome to see how an innocent game of antakshri helped us, we were able to can the scene under natural showres.”

The team was shooting in Bhullar Garden at Madh Island.

Ranjib Mazumder

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