Manish Raisinghania’s Filmy Mania

Manish Raisighania, Sameer of Zee’s Teen Bahuraniya, seems to be addicted to Martial Arts. With his show – Betiyaan Apni ya Parayadhan ending, Manish has more free time with him than usual. He has taken up sports on a serious level. Post shootings of Teen Bahuraniya, Manish makes sure that he devotes to time to martial arts. Is this a new addiction? Well, not really. Manish is a second degree black belt in Karate, had won the State Championship title thrice for karate and also the National Championship title 4 times for karate and kick-boxing, but unfortunately Manish had leave aside his dreams due to lack of sponsorships.

When asked Manish about his passion for sports, he replied, “I was selected for international championship four times but due because of lack of sponsorship and the politics that go behind it, I decided to quit it. In India except for cricket, every other game and talent suffers which makes people loose their motivation to excel. Its sad but I’m glad now there are movies like Chak De India that are focusing on other sports.”

Along with Martial Arts, Salsa classes are on Manish’s agenda. Blending dance and action together, Manish does seem to be preparing for the big screen. “Of course I intend on getting into films. But at this point of time, I’d just say the keyword is ‘preparation‘.” says Manish with a smirk.

Well, whether if it’s Manish’s big break to the big screen, or just a hobby, Manish sure seems to be enjoying his new addiction!

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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