Independence Day Special in SaRaGaMaPa this Week!

With the starting of the fifth Agnipariksha round, all contestants are trying to give their best performance to impress the audience and get votes. Following the format, someone or the other has to get eliminated every week and this week on this frightful Friday – Poonam gets the highest number of votes. While Aneek Dhar, Sumedha and Joy Chakraborty get the lowest votes and fall in Trishanku. The love triangle issue of Amanat Ali is again taken by the Guru’s on Friday. He finds himself again trapped in this issue with a girl from Bappida’s Gharana. Its not only Amanat who is in spotlight, the mentor of Rock Gharana Himesh, who is always known to create some drama on sets, promises to Joy that from now on he will sing only for the Music Director Joy Chakraborty!!

Its Sufi Song special episode on Friday and performance wise, the royal cub of Bengal, Aneek Dhar is going to give a mindblowing performance with “Bulla ki jaana main kaun” by Rabbi Shergill. Harpreet Deol and Raja Hassan give very unusual performance on “Kangana” and “Let the Music Play” respectively while Amanat will sing “Rangeen” by Sajjad ali.

Who gets eliminated this week? Will the viewers be provided with the name of Amanat’s love from Josh Gharana? Don’t miss out this Friday’s episode at 10pm IST on Zee to know it all.

We all know that 14th and 15th August will mark the Independence Day celebration of both Pakistan and India. So Saturday’s theme is Independence Day special and the eminent cricketer Kapil Dev is the special guest. Both Indian and Pakistani contestants sing patriotic songs of their country and pay their tribute. Kapil Dev makes sure to share his vast knowledge about both the countries. He gets very emotional and tells all that how everything, be it culture, people, or their habits – all are same of both the countries and it’s just that they are separated by a border.

Amanat Ali will be performing Ae Mere Pyar Watan from Kaabuliwala sung by Manna dey and Aneek Dhar’s performance is going to bring back some old memories of C-2005 back to all the viewers. He is going to sing “Sandese aate hai” and his performance is again going to bring tears into the eyes of Kapil Dev.

So, whose performance will touch the hearts of the viewers? Who will score the highest in the guru graph and who will get a standing ovation from the mentors and audience?

To know all this, do not miss out this patriotic episode of SaReGaMaPa on Saturday at 10 PM only on Zee TV.

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