Director’s cut!

Ismail Umar Khan, director of Zee TV’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, was very upset with the lead actor Sharad Malhotra and his assistants because they couldn’t keep track of the look of the character. This affected the continuity of the serial. Ismail had briefed his assistants and Sharad himself about the kind of hair cut that was required for Sagar Thakur, the character played by Sharad Malhotra.

After a point, Ismail gave up and in sheer anger, stormed out to the hair stylist, Sapna Bhavnani, himself. He asked the stylist to give him the cut that he wanted for Sagar’s character.

It seems amusing in hindsight, but it was nightmare for the director. Says Ismail Umar Khan, “Initially Sharad’s character was shown as a mad guy, one who has lost his memory. But after prolonged treatment he recovers. So, Sharad had to undergo a total make-over including his hair style and dress sense. They spent a bomb on the make-over. But just after the first shoot everyone including Sharad and the assistants on the set, forgot about it and he went back to his old look. I got frustrated after reminding them repeatedly to maintain the look. My producers too got a bit upset with me for not keeping the continuity. So, I went to the stylist and got the hair cut that I wanted for Sharad. It was kind of a mirror effect – now at least when they look at me they remember.”

Says Sharad cheekily, “I went to Sapna Bhavnani’s salon to get my hair styled for the makeover in the show. I hardly brush my hair and prefer to have an unkempt and messy look. Ismailji would remind me every day on sets to maintain the style.

The make over has cost us a bomb. But thanks to Ismailji, I’m looking decent now.”

Mumbai Mirror Bureau

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