Controversy mars Abhijeet’s exit from Sa re ga ma..

Maharashtracha gourav (the pride of Maharashtra): Abhijeet Kosambi. That’s how host Aditya Narayan greeted the singer each time he graced the stage of Sa ga ma pa Challenge 2007. Sadly, Maharashtrians themselves have let Abhijeet down after he was voted out from Sa re.. last night.

Well, that’s not the bone of contention here. Few weeks ago, guru Ismail Darbar aired his discontent over the inclusion of Abhijeet and Aneek Dhar (regional winners of Zee’s Sa re.. Marathi and Bangla respectively) into the final rounds as he felt it was unjust to other participants who started from scratch. Later, Ismail shrugged it off, but this issue was ignited yet again after Abhijeet got eliminated. The Kolhapur man’s brother chided that Ismailji’s objection could have played a part in the public not voting for Abhijeet. Expectedly, the mercurial guru was quick to defend himself.

When quizzed over this, Abhijeet replied, “There is some truth to what my brother said to Ismailji but I wouldn’t agree with that theory entirely. My family, friends and even Marathis felt that my direct entry into the final rounds could go against me. And, that’s precisely what has occurred.”

Rather than pointing fingers at Ismail Darbar or the viewers, Abhijeet felt the format of the show was faulty. “Aneek, Amanat and I won the regional contests. However unlike us, Amanat, who won Sa re.. Dubai, had to start form the scratch. Also, Amanat being a member of Ismailji’s gharana, the guru was well within his right to protest”

Contrary to Abhijeet and his brother’s belief, Ismail Darbar had this to say, “I don’t think that my comments influenced the decision of the voters. Though, I was hurt by his brother’s remark, I have nothing against Abhijeet. May be his personality didn’t quite appeal to the voters”

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