Balancing act

Amrita Prakash is apparently very much like the stubborn, strong-headed Sanskriti she plays in “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai”. And this comes directly from the horse’s mouth! “Sanskriti doesn’t believe in marriage and she has no qualms about getting into a live-in relationship, breaking her parents’ hearts. She is really stubborn and I like it because I feel I too have those qualities,” says Amrita sheepishly.

But though there is much talk about Amrita’s role as one of the daughters of the household in “Har Ghar”, her track is nowhere to be seen yet. While Rati Pandey is getting centre stage, Anchal Anand too has a small role.

The big question is whether it is worth the wait for the former child actor, as Amrita is already juggling acting with academics. Her mother sure thinks so. “Amrita is a very strong person. Once she sets her mind on something I can’t change her decision,” she says.

And though it is tough to balance college and shoots, Amrita’s mother feels she would do well. “I myself hardly get to see her for more than five minutes a day, but I am not too worried. She tells me that she would struggle but do both well. As long as she is happy, I am happy too.”

So after “Vivah”, even if the promise of a nice, big role in “Har Ghar” doesn’t click, at least Amrita will have a degree to fall back on.


Author Jatin Nandan

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