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Mita Vashisht, who plays the conniving Trishna in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii is nowhere in the picture now. The actress, whose character has been instrumental in Parvati’s (Sakshi Tanwar) entry into Agarwal house, is out of the storyline now. Mita had shot for some episodes in mid-June, last.

However, Mita seems unperturbed about not shooting for Kahaani… She says, “The last time I shot for the show was in June. I guess, they have given a ‘short’ break to my character. After that I have been busy with my other social assignments. I have also been busy travelling around the country.”

Could it be that the production house has put an end to Trishna’s character? Mita doesn’t think so, she believes that her character will return eventually. “Whatever logical conclusion they have given to my character Trishna, is okay with me. More importantly, the TRPs were really high at that point of time. I think my character will be back with a bang,” she says.

Did she speak to Ekta or the creative team of Kahaani… about her character? “I am not the kind of actress who will speak to people to find out how their track is going or if it is coming back. Why should I? Besides, I have a good rapport with Ekta. Moreover, there is nothing like ‘ending’ of a character in a daily soap. In a daily soap scenario characters can go or return on screen and the storyline can be adjusted accordingly,” Mita says.

Ranjib Mazumder

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