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Varun Vadola aka Sandeep of Aek Chabi Pados Mein is a passionate actor – we all know that. But what no one knows that he is keen to learn something new these days. He’s learning cinematography on the sets of the serial.

Says an excited Varun, “Whenever I get a break between my shots, I try to learn the tricks of cinematography from our cinematographer Pramod Pradhan, the younger brother of Bollywood cinematographer Vinod Pradhan. I always throw questions at him like a devoted student and he replies patiently.”

The process of filmmaking has fascinated the actor since his childhood. He always wanted to be a part of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. “I thought only graduates from the FTII could be cinematographers. Since I do not have a science background, I could not go to FTII. So, I am just realising my dreams of becoming a cinematographer now,” he adds.

One day, Varun wants to go behind the camera, professionally. “Becoming a cinematographer is not a bad idea at all. Though cinematography is quite a complicated process, I have been told that I am a fast learner. However, our cameraman Pramod sometimes gets a little scared while giving me the camera as it’s quite a costly apparatus,” he says.

Ranjib Mazumder

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