Find out the cool wacky one liners from Saksham aka Sunny Nijjar

Sunny Nijjar has taken the television by the storm with his very popular lover boy image Saksham in Kasauti Zindagi Ki. His recent death sequence has brought tears to all his female fans who were hoping for a union of P2 and Saksham.. Saksham who oozes a lot of confidence and was patiently getting his hair rebounded for 4 hours says “I promise my fans that I will be back in the show in 20 days time. I cant comment much about P2 and Saksham love story as I have no idea myself but for all my fans I will be back in action soon.” So lets find out some cool wacky If I were with Saksham aka Sunny Nijjar..

If I were given a day without rules, the first thing I would do is: I will break all the rules that bind us and just enjoy.

If I were Prerna : Then I will screw all the marriages, love affairs and the happiness around because that is what she is best at.

If I have to change one thing about Kasauti Zindagi Ki it will be: I will schedule the show three times a week instead of four so that I can get a good break.

If I have to give a makeover to television celebrity it will be: Sampada or Sam (Moonmoon Banarjee)

If I were to change, one thing about my career field, it would be: Oh its going perfect. I can’t think of any change. I cannot ask for anything more right now.

If I get magic powers for a day I will do: I will steal money

If I have to choose best television actor it will be: Shweta Tiwari

If I were a non-fictitious character I will be: Superman

If I was to pick one show on television that should have ended a while ago, would be: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

If I want to be a Bollywood actor for a day I will: Hrithik Roshan.. I am a total Dhoom person.

If I have to choose one fan of mine from India-Forums it will be : Anishma

If my fans want to reach me they can contact me to: They can email me at or they can scrap me at Orkut and my id there is Sunnyborn2win

To all the lovely die-hard fans of Saksham at India-Forums, there is a good news that your favorite actor visits the section every single day and checks out all the post. He has also promised to register here as a member to interact with you all, so make sure that he gets a warm welcome.

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