Ayesha of Kayamath is set to make her Bollywood debut too

Sanjeeda Sheikh aka Ayesha of Kayamath is also gearing up for her Bollywood debut. The 21-year-old actress has been filming for Pankh, a joint venture of Sanjay Gupta’s White Feather Films and Rohit Roy’s Magicworks! A hush-hush affair consequent portion of the film, which stars Bipasha Basu, has been shot.

Reportedly, Sanjeeda didn’t don any make-up for the film. The producers had instructed her to maintain I’m-at-home look. Sanjeeda plays an aspiring actress who has a pushy mother at home in the film. She cues up for auditions across the city but she is not too happy with her profession. A source says, “She used to wake up in the morning, wash her face and just land up on the sets.”

The plot revolves around a popular male child artiste who grows up to become a not-so-popular actor. He faces tremendous rejections because he is best known for his performances as a girl on screen.

Sandipan Dalal

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