Varsha’s nightlife

It seems Varsha Usgaonkar aka Gitanjali in Durgesh Nandini has no time to go back home. The other day, Varsha had to shoot for more than 18 hours at a stretch. The actress had an early morning shift the next day. An exhausted Varsha decided to stay back in her vanity van instead of wasting time travelling back home.

Incidently, this was the fifth time Varsha had to stay back on the sets. Says Varsha, “The production house needed me in all the scenes and the episode had to be canned on time. I was shooting double shift and was shooting till late night. I was too tired to go back home and then come back for the early morning shift. To get enough sleep is a luxury for us so I thought it was better to relax and catch up on a few hours of sleep in the van itself.”

Adds Varsha, “Working in a daily is too demanding at times. Since we are required in almost every scene, we end up multi tasking, simultaneously doing our make-ups and rehearsing our dialogues. But at the end of the day, when the scene turns out to be good, it feels really nice. I am happy with the way my role is shaping up in the show. This is my first show on television and it has been a good learning experience so far.”

Kavita Shyam

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