Oops, Wrong Number!

Recently Mona Singh was in the US to host and perform at multiple shows before a motley crowd of NRIs. At one of the shows in San Jose, California where she was both the host and a performer, she had to face an acutely embarrassing situation.

It so happened that when the actress went on the stage to perform, a wrong number started playing. As the audience waited for her to do the thumkas, she simply froze and stayed put in her place. The impatient audiences started hooting as they had to wait for 15 minutes without any action on stage.

Says an amused Mona, “The crowd was really excited to see ‘Jassi’. Then, it was my turn to perform on stage. The moment I stepped on the stage, I realised that the guy backstage had played the wrong CD.”

While Mona was ready, in her lehenga-choli-ghoonghat attire, to swirl on the foot-tapping ‘Main aayi hoon UP-Bihaar lootne’, backstage they playing ‘Chhamma chhamma’ instead. To her embarrassment she just could not move. For the next 10 minutes she waited for the right number to be played.

She giggles as she recalls, “I could not believe my ears when I heard the wrong number. I thought the guy would change it, but it went on and on. He did not even realise that he had played two wrong songs back-to-back. The public went berserk saying ‘Jassi ko kya ho gaya!’ I was so embarrassed. Thankfully, I could hide behind my ghoonghat!”

Mona had to finally intervene. “I went backstage, fuming and yelled at the guy,” she adds.

After her performance, she went back to hosting the show. “I had to make up for it. I apologised to the crowd saying ‘Malika ma’am ki karamaat hai. Thankfully the crowd started laughing,” she says. (Malika was the anti-Jassi character played by Rakshanda Khan in Jassi Jaisi…)

Ranjib Mazumder

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