Leggy raho!

Shruti Seth, the bubbly anchor of Sony TV’s Comedy Circus, was recently operated for varicose veins. The actress had to report for work within three days of operation. Though in great pain, the actress put on a brave front and kept up the spirit of the show. The actress kept on her feet for hours and willingly gave several retakes, ignoring her aching legs.

Says Shruti, “I got my varicose veins removed recently and I have been advised not to stress myself. I had no choice but to shoot as the episodes had to be shot timely. I was uncomfortable, had difficulty walking besides I had to give many re-takes. I am not supposed to wear heels but since I could not wear flats on the sets, I wore heels while shooting for more than three hours.”

The only fall out of the operation is that she won’t be able to wear her favourite short outfits till she heals. She says, “I cannot wear short outfits as I have to wear medicated stockings.”

Adds Shruti, “Ideally I would have loved to take an off but could not because people around me were worried, so we continued.”

Kavita Shyam

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