Holiday horror!

Mohit Malik aka Sikander in Durgesh Nandini had no clue that his four-day-trip to his hometown would cost him his job. The actor returned from a short trip to Delhi and ended up sitting at home for nearly a month after that – the production house did not inform him about his exit! Mohit plays a conman in the show opposite Durgesh (Rinku Ghosh).

Says Mohit, “It’s been a month since I have stopped shooting with them. The production house and the channel did not give me any information about my track. I had been trying my level best to get in touch with them for a long time.

I was sitting at home without work as I had kept my dates blocked for this show. My time was not utilised for Durgesh, besides I lost on a lot of good work due to this. I am here to work and not to sit at home. It’s now that I am looking out for work and meeting people to make up for lost time.”

Adds Mohit, “I should have been informed in advance about my exit as I had told them one month in advance about my Delhi trip for a cousin’s wedding. They can’t abruptly end my track without utilising my dates. It’s time for me to speak up as a lot of actors don’t stand up against the injustice that’s done to them.”

We spoke to Hitesh Singh, Executive Producer, about why Mohit was given the boot. He said, “Mohit told us that his trip to Delhi was unavoidable during that time. And that was a crucial period for us; the entire track was based on him and he was needed. He had a lot of work to do in the track. So we were left with no other option but to remove his track. But he will come back in the show though I am clueless about when that will happen.”

If he’s returning to the show, why hasn’t he been informed? Hitesh said, “Everyone’s clueless about when his track will be back. It’s a creative call and our producer Shobhana Desai will decide when he has to be brought back in the show and only then he will be informed.”

But the damage has been done – the actor is jobless, upset, and looking for work.

Kavita Shyam

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