Every day’s a Sunday?

Ek Ladki Anjaani Si is set to go off air on September 12. As a result, Sai and Shakti Anand who are both working in the show, and have carved an identity through it, will now be jobless. Shakti has been working in the show for the last two years while Sai joined it last year. The duo rejected lots of offers from the television industry in India and abroad, while they were doing the show. So where do they go from here now?

Says Sai, “Mine is a mixed reaction now, about the show ending. The show has been such a part of my life for the last one year and has been getting good TRPs. I will miss it a lot. And yes, I do regret not taking on a couple of shows which were offered to me by producers from Dubai. And a couple of offers from the television industry here as well. They were to begin in September-October this year, so I had no dates. It is late to rethink about those shows now. I am feeling a bit insecure, since I don’t know if I’ll be shooting tomorrow. This profession is very unpredictable these days.”

Adds Sai, “Earlier, it was planned that the show would go off air last December, but it continued for a long time so it feels like an achievement as well. At present, I am looking forward to a holiday. Of course, if I get work quickly, it will be great.”

On the other hand, husband Shakti Anand seemed pretty relaxed about his future. He said, “The show is coming to an end and I am happy that it’s ending with dignity. We’ve planned a one-and-a-half-month world tour, which will be a good break for us. I’m sure we will get work later. I am happy with the kind of investment I’ve made so far, so I can wait for projects to come my way. As an actor, anyway you don’t really get to enjoy life.”

So, why is Ek Ladki… shutting shop? Says Misha Gautam, producer of the show, “Sony is trying to change all its shows. The TRPs of the shows are low, so the channel is bringing in new shows. It’s time to get newer stuff on the channel. We have completed 360 episodes over two years, which is a long run.”

The last day of shooting will be held on September 6, when the entire unit of the show plan to party on the set.

Kavita Shyam

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