Apara sacked?

According to industry sources, Apara Mehta is no longer a part of Virrudh. Although the actress entered the show with a lot of expectations, her role seems to have lost its track and she is completely out of the picture now.

Initially, Apara used to shoot for Virrudh 18 days a month. One month later, Apara was shooting for 3-4 days a month and gradually she completely stopped shooting for the show. For the past two months, Apara has not shot a single day for Virrudh.

Apara, best-known as Savita in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, is famous for portraying negative characters on the small screen. She tried to do something different by playing a positive character, Uttara in Virrudh. But, somewhere something went terribly wrong and her character in the show did not shape up the way she had expected.

Apara seems unperturbed with the news. “I do not know whether I am being ousted from the show. I have never been told that they don’t need me any more. But yes, I have not been shooting for Virrudh for the past two months,” she said.

There is another reason for Apara being out of the show. A source said, “Apara has re-entered Saat Phere as Kuki Kaki. Saat Phere is aired on Zee TV at 9.30 pm, which is also the time slot of Virrudh. Needless to say, one actor portraying two major characters on rival channels at the same time has always been ruled out. Of late, Virrudh is also introducing a lot of new characters. This doesn’t leave much scope for the older characters to develop.”

Apara added, “I was there in Saat Phere earlier too. This time, when they approached me again, I could not say no as it is an awesome character. Moreover, Virrudh was not utilising my dates for a long time. I cannot sit idle doing nothing. So, when Kuki Kaki’s role came back to me, I was more than happy to take it.”

Did she inquire about her role in Virrudh? “I am a very secure with whatever work I am doing. I am not the kind of actress who will go and inquire about their footage and role. But, if they want me again in Virrudh, I don’t have any qualms about acting in the show again,” said Apara

Ranjib Mazumder

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