Kaajjal, Dev to die soon!

Kaajjal lovers will witness a double tragedy on the show. It has been learnt that the lead couple, Kaajjal and Dev will both be killed in the show. Not just that, there may be a 20-year-leap too, with some reincarnation story thrown in. It is still not clear if any of the two will return to the serial, but Apoorva, in all probability, will not come back. says a source.

In the show, Dev (Apoorva) has been suspecting Kaajjal (Surveen) and almost killed her just a few episodes ago. It is a clear indication that the character’s track is likely to end very soon. If insiders are to be believed the creative team of the serial has taken a decision on ending the two characters’ tracks and the serial taking a 20-year leap.

“The TRPs of the serial are also dipping. Besides the new character hasn’t really added any dimension to the serial or generated any curiosity amongst the audience,” says an insider. There seem to be two reasons for ending Kaajjal’s and Dev’s track in the serial. Apoorva Agnihotri, the actor who is playing Dev, wanted to leave the serial a long time ago for personal reasons. The actor agreed to stay on only after his terms and conditions were agreed upon by the channel. “The actor wanted a break which was given to him, but in his absence they introduced a new character which didn’t really work well for the serial. Also Apoorva was uncomfortable on the sets after media reports about his alleged affair with co-star Surveen Chawla hit the headlines. This news must’ve definitely upset his wife Shilpa Saklani, who is quite possessive about him. The actor would not want to upset her,” adds our source.

When contacted, Kaacon Sethi co-producer of the show confirmed the development. “Basically, Apoorva Agnihotri wanted to leave the show as he wanted a break from work. I don’t what is the actual reason, but he told us that he has some personal reasons. We cannot force anybody to do our show. So, he will die in the show. The Kaajjal-Dev chemistry was so strong that it won’t survive without one of them. So, we had to take the tough decision of killing both the character. The creative team is working on a reincarnation story, where we will introduce new characters. We are just keeping our fingers crossed,” she said.

Bharati Dubey / Ranjib Mazumder

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