Mishal Raheja shares his b’day plans and talks about his role in LoveS

Tell us about your character-Aakash in Lovestory?
Mishal: Aakash is very introvert as he does not talk much. He is a very reserved cat. The reason behind this is his childhood trauma of his father leaving his mother and him. Like any other child he wanted his father to be around him and at a same time blamed his mother for his father going away. He loves his two friends Dev and Bhatti and can give his life for them. Mostly my character speaks through eyes then through the words. And then his life changes as he fell in love with the girl SHruti from his college. The problem starts in his life from then as Shruti’s family is politically connected and from underworld. Her brother is also from the same college and there are lot of fighting scenes, cop chase and high voltage drama.
The latest storyline is that Shruti’s brother is killed and the cops blamed us and we are shooting a cop chase right now. Overall Aakash is a big fighter. More than words he throws punches.

You have been a part of the MTV show Pyar Vyar and all that and have done a couple of ads…and now to the main role in the TV serial..how has this been?
Mishal: I started off with Pyar Vyar which was also a main lead. The journey has been good. Pyar Vyar was a short serial with 40 odd episodes. I was very new then and was learning a lot. I am little more confident now than I was till the last year. I think I am still at a first stage of acting and have a long way to go as my ultimate aim is Bollywood. I had got lot of offers in this past one year but I didn’t choose to take up any as I was not interested. However, this serial is very interesting, action packed, cop chases, fight sequence. And ofcourse Anurag Basu which was a plus point. I learnt a lot. So, I just took my step forward and here I am.

How does it feel like working with a director like Anurag Basu who has given bollywood some unconventional hits?
Mishal: It is like a dream come true. The first major project directed by Anurag Basu is any fresher’s dream. I was extremely nervous but he is a very cool guy. He is a very jovial guy keeps everyone around him comfortable. Even our 2nd director, Swapnaneel Jaykar, who is directing the show right now, is also very good.

How is it on the sets of Love Story,with your co-actors?
Mishal: We are crazy bunch of mad people and all of us keep laughing all the time. Only when the director says ‘Action’ we are serious. Otherwise, we are bunch of mad people. If you will come on the sets we will drag you mad, that’s my promise. Whenever, any new artist joins in we let him/her observe the things around for 2 days and it’s the same craziness.

Any funny or embarrassing moment on the sets of Love story?
Mishal: Embarrassing moment on the sets of love story I wish I would have any. I like embarrassing moment because it is funny to narrate to people. Oh yeah, I remember there is one funny episode though. It was a hostel scene and Shruti has to close her eyes and sob while I was sitting next to her. It was the last shot of the evening and in 5 minutes we all left her alone and went. Her eyes were shut and she could not see what was happening. When she opened her eyes she started yelling as she was sobbing and no one was around then. That was really funny.

Has acting been on the cards since childhood or was it something unexpected?
Mishal: I had always dreamt about acting and had a passion for it but was not getting any right opportunity to work towards it. I was studying in America then worked there for a while. I came back to Mumbai for a break and got a call from Ramgopal Verma’s assistant. He was directing Darna Mana Hai. One of my friends was in the crew and they called me for an audition. But that project never took off but I didn’t want to move back after then. I started doing theatre with Nadeer Babbar and at a same time went for auditions. There I got lucky with MTV show and then there was no looking back.

Any message for all your fans at India-Forums who is celebrating your birthday in full spirit?
Mishal: I visit India-Forums very often. It is very encouraging for new comers like me. I am extremely touched with such a lovely and kind words that my fans rite in there. I am already registered there and will soon post something. My I-F id is Mishal.

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