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The actors and the unit members of Zee TV’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann are facing a unique problem. They are prohibited from carrying or eating non-vegetarian foodstuff on the sets. All because the producer Shyam Bhattacharya is a vegan he prohibited non-veg foods on the sets.

An actor on the condition of anonymity said, “Just because our producer is a vegetarian, he expects us to turn veggie too. This is really unfair. We are bound by his orders. He is so strict that he does not allow us to get non-vegetarian foods on the sets. We are bored of having the vegetarian food everyday. In fact, when the Dulhann team went to Singapore recently, they were barred from having non-veg food there too.”

Shyam Bhattacharya, producer of the show was very straightforward on the question. “I am a vegetarian and I want to keep this arrangement intact on the sets too. If the actors and the crew members want to have food on the sets that would have to be veg only. I won’t stop them from having non-veg khana outside the sets,” he said.

Ranjib Mazumder

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