Fake husband for Vidya on Banno Main…

Zee’s Banno Main Teri Dulhann will see more drama in Vidya’s life, with her sister-in-law Sindhura making life more difficult by inventing a husband for her.

Vidya’s real husband Sagar has lost his memory and asked on Tuesday’s episode to meet her husband.

Vidya has been warned against revealing the truth to Sagar by evil Sindhura who told her he would revert to his mental instability if she did so. Sagar played a retarded character on the show and only last week became ‘normal’.

Script writer Mrinal Jha said: “It’s an emotional track with Sindhura bent on getting Vidya out of the house. Now that Sagar is normal, she wants to manipulate things and her invention of another husband will make Vidya’s life hell.”

When Vidya heard from Sagar the request that she introduce her husband to him, she is shocked and doesn’t say a word because of Sindhura’s pressure, said Mrinal.

Vidya (Divyanka Tripathi) said more drama was heading her way: “Sindhura will produce a fake husband for me called Ramakant. He will stay with us in Thakur Mansion and try to rape me. Sagar will come to my rescue.”

Sindhura will succeed in convincing Sagar that Ramakant was her husband, Vidya said, but she will remain hopeful of a reconciliation.

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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