Dulhann’s misery worsens -it goes the Sadma way

Zee’s path breaking and TRP spinning show – Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is in for a dramatic twist. Poor Vidya’s task of getting her hubby Sagar (who’s mentally ill) back to normalcy just got tougher.

While Sagar (Sharad Malhotra) is successfully operated in Singapore, it’s operation fail for our Dulhann (Diwyanka Tripathi). Though he becomes mentally fit, he loses his some part of his memory wherein he fails he recognize his wife, Vidya, a la Sadma where similar happens in case of Sridevi and Kamal Hassan. Worse come worse, Sagar’s evil sibling Sindoora (Kamya Punjabi) takes back Sagar to India and gets Vidya arrested in Singapore. Fortunately, with the aid of her agent, DJ, hamari Dulhan somehow manages to escape and runs to India but loses her identity. She is reduced to merely an attendant who was looking after Sagar while he was ill!

So, will the viewers respond positively to this twist in the tale? Will Sagar, who was a hit with kids for his childish act, be less loved if he gets back to normal? How will Divya win over her husband? Let’s find out.

Here’s actor Sharad Malhotra’s (Sagar) version: “This is one big twist in our serial. TRPs prove that our show is among the top three on the channel. So, I’m sure this change will only arouse the viewers’ interest. However, personally, I’m a little disappointed that I shall no longer be playing the character of a mentally ill person, as it was precisely this character that made children appreciate me. So, I fear losing my little viewers. On the brighter side, now that I’ll play a perfectly fit man’s role, I hope to grab attention of all beautiful girls.”

Lead actress Divyanka Tripathi (Vidya) says, “It has been the love and appreciation of our viewers which has elevated our show into the top bracket. I’m sure this new development will heighten their interest levels. As for Vidya, this twist has shaken her up completely; her condition has just got from bad to worse. Thus far, I have done justice to my character and hope to do the same in future. As for my co-star Sharad, I’m certain he’ll excel in his new and physically fit character with as ease as he played a mentally ill person.

Producer Shyam voices, “Banoo Main… is a wonderfully scripted family drama, and since the beginning we have managed to attract the viewers’ attention. So, I’m not all bothered about the ramifications of this twist. In fact, now Vidya’s struggle becomes even more difficult, as her husband can’t recognize her.” Will any new characters surface in the upcoming episodes? “No. We haven’t lined anyone for the near future.”

Now that the new crooks and curves in the track are already devised, what remains to be gauged is the viewer’s response. We’ll keep you posted on the same


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