What made Ashima Bhalla keep maun vrat the whole day?

Ashima Bhalla who portrays the role of budding singer Sudha in Star’s Primetime show Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gyae Roshini is leaving no stone unturned to get into the skin of her character. In one of her forthcoming episode viewers will see Sudha keeping maun vrat for the success of her love Raj. So high was her dedication that this bubbly young girl who speaks at a speed of Rajdhani Express actually kept maun vrat on the day when this episode was getting shot, leaving the directors, crew members clueless about her strange act.

Although this helped Ashima to give a powerful intense shot but whether that act was intentional or a prank played by the actress lets find out from the horses mouth:

You did not speak for the whole day just to get into the skin of the character. What made you do that?

Ashima: I have never kept maun vrat in my life. I am a very talkative person in real life so I just thought that if Sudha can do it then why not try keeping quiet for the whole day without letting anyone know about it. It was a very difficult job for me considering I can speak non stop but it was good fun. It was a test for me which I passed with flying colors. Everyone was at wit’s end trying to figure out what went wrong with me, whether Karan or Jeetuji director of the show has told me something that has hurt me. Everyone was trying to talk to me, offering chocolates, making me smile but I kept the stern look on my face all day long. It was really good fun and I was dying to go back home and laugh my heart out and tell my parents about it.

So how was it to communicate through sign languages? Did you manage to do a good job?

Ashima: I was communicating through sign language which I hardly could do and they could hardly understand what I was trying to tell them so at the end it was good fun.

Sudha likes music a lot so does Ashima has any interest in music?

Ashima: Yea, of course even I love music. I can sing as well. Infact, whenever I sing people actually think that I have sung the song. But I love the music of my show not only because I am part of it but also the music is really good. Whenever, I go out I have noticed people like humming that tune especially Jaane kyu which is a soft romantic song.

From a simple girl who has come to pursue her dream in Mumbai you have been given stylish salwar suits which people are appreciating. So how come change in wardrobe and who designs your clothes?

Ashima: My clothes are done by Ritu Dera and Barna looks after my overall styling and appearance in the show. Well, I don’t think my clothes are very modern but it is stylish and is well fitted that makes it more attractive. I think the directors of the show thought that since Sudha has now moved to Mumbai so that Mumbai touch should reflect in her outfit. But I like my earlier look which they have kept for the show.

You have got such beautiful, expressive eyes, don’t u think that’s an asset and helps you to portray your character better?

Ashima: (Smiles) Oh is it. I didn’t know that. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

Love triangle is in cards. So how will Sudha get Raj from Ria?
Ashima: This is something I would want my audience to wait and watch. Too many twist in the show right now. Both Sudha and Ria are trying to launch themselves simultaneously so lets see whether the launches happen or not.

After doing some good amount of South Indian films how come you chose television?
Ashima: I have loved the films that I have done there but I wanted to act in my language. As you also know South Indian Film makers are very sound technically and they really experiment with the story line. Even the actors are very down to earth and are very professionally people. Tamil, Telgu, Kanaad is not my language and I actually wanted to act in my language and wanted people to know me from my town i.e Chandigarh. I had also got film offers but in the current Bollywood scenario there is too much of kissing scenes and skimpy clothes which I am not comfortable with. That’s why I chose to be part of tv serials. I am thoroughly enjoying my show as I feel it’s a same job whether it is big screen or small screen we give our 100 percent.

Well that was Ashima Bhalla who literally gave up her voice…at least for a day…to give Roshni to her show!!!

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