Tulsi to celebrate her ‘sensational’ birthday

nullThis week, in a surprising turn of events, Tulsi will have a party thrown on her birthday and Bili Thakural will identify her as his mom in the party. A perturbed Tulsi will try to convince everyone that she is Tulsi and not Juhi Thakural.

Mrinal Jha, the scriptwriter of the show says: “This week the Virani bahus will throw a bash for Tulsi but the real purpose is not to pamper her, but to create an opportunity to invite Bili Thakural so that he can solve the case of mistaken identity. During the party, Bili will immediately recognize Tulsi as his mom, Juhi. Naturally, on coming face to face with his mom’s look-alike, he will be shocked. As a matter of fact, this week Mr.Thakural and Tulsi will not have any scene together.”

“Apart from that, Tulsi, in a desperate attempt to prove her innocence, will seek help from her plastic surgeon. The doctor who has already shown her DNA reports to the Virani family will now put together the missing pieces of the six months when Tulsi was recuperating after her accident. (Tulsi was missing from the show for six months when she had an accident and then she reappeared with a new face). She will prove her identity arguing how is it possible for her to know everything about the family members if she’s not the real Tulsi.”

“Mihir will be her staunch supporter during this time. Then Krishnatulsi and a few other members of the family will also lend her support. But ultimately she will have to single handedly fight her battle.”

“Abir-Bhoomi, Archita and Joydeep’s track will go ahead simultaneously with this track. There will be a rift between Abir-Bhoomi and Bhoomi will confront Abir about his affair and ask him what right has he to question her involvement with another guy when he himself is seeing someone. Joydeep’s preparation for his makeover will also be seen this week, but his complete makeover will not happen any time soon. It will take some time.”

In last week’s episode, Eklavya succeed in his plans of creating doubt about Tulsi’s (Gautami’s) identity. He had some strong proofs against her that she is not Tulsi but Mr.Thakural’s wife, that is Juhi Thakural. The whole family was in a fix after watching photographs of Juhi who closely resembled Tulsi. It created such a stir in the family that the bahus went to the extent of taking the possession of the keys of the house from Tulsi.

Sonali Joshi

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