Ram Kapoor “will change Kyunki’s direction”

Ram Kapoor, Kasamh Se’s hunky Mr Walia will enter Kyunki on July 3 as the character JR Thukral, Ram said. His entry coincides with the 400-week celebration of India’s top soap. Thukral is a business tycoon “whose entry will change the Virani family 180 degrees”, assured sources in Balaji. He will be revealed as the person in the green velvet jacket with the black cat.

Ram said: “Every time my character is shown, it’ll be with with cats. I’m shown as not trusting anyone other than my cats.”

“I’m as different as I can be from Jay Walia and Bajaj. I’m Sankee and obsessive, and I’ll haunt the Viranis about their past and will get close to them with the object of controlling their business,” he said.

Ram has lost six kilos to get into the spareness of Thukral’s character, and looks yummier than ever. “I’m going to lose another 15 kilos for this new look of mine,” he promised.

The serial’s writer Nivedita Basu said of Thukral’s character: “He is a strong person who takes fluid decisions according to the situation. He will not help a Virani even if that person is dying.”

‘For the last seven years, the Viranis have been show as a happy-go-lucky family,” said Nivedita, “after Ram’s entry the show will become more realistic. Think of Amitabh Bachchan in Baghban.”

Speaking of Thukral, Ekta said he was “a man who loved cats and not dogs. That’s because dogs are faithful and he doesn’t really believe in anyone. Cats indicate that his nature is unfaithful and he cannot trust anyone, even his son.”

He would always be dressed in green, she said, “the colour of nature. It symbolizes growth, freshness and fertility.”

The serial queen said Thukral would be totally obsessive; mad. Manish Malhotra, who designed Thukral’s look, said the character “would be like Al Pacino’s”.

When we asked if love was going to happen to Bhoomi, Ram replied, “Opposites attract and if Bani and Mr Walia are a pair why not Bhoomi and Thukral? Thukral’s nature is that he falls in love with women in green saris.” So should audiences watch out for colour clues?

Nivedita says no. “He will fall in love with a trendy person, not Bhoomi”.

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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