Ram Kapoor quits drinking for Kyunki

Ram Kapoor aka Mr.Walia (Kasamh Se) and now Mr. JR Thukral in Kyunki, has given up alcohol completely to concentrate on his character in Kyunki. He had already lost six kilos and wants to lose another 15 for which he is on a diet.

We ask Ram about his exact diet plan. “I have given up alcohol completely and I eat home made food cooked by Gautami,” says the actor proudly.

“At home I have made a little gym and I work out every morning before going for a shoot. I usually do it on a treadmill. I am taking great care of my diet. For the last one month, I am avoiding fried food, rice which has lots of carbohydrates. No junk food, no non-veg, no sweets.”

Ram continues, “I want to lose 10 kilos more. I have realized that due to my work commitments, my health has taken a backseat. But I want to correct it now. I am taking the right amount of food with low oil content and at the right time. I’m on stewed vegetables which have low calorie.”

Are you consulting any doctors? ”No, I know my workouts and Gautami is taking care of my diet, so no worries”

On being asked if he doing all this specifically for Kyunki. “I had planned it before accepting this role as Gautami is my biggest critic. I thought it was the correct time for shedding some kilos. Now let’s see how it works out in Kyunki and Kasamh Se,” a confident Ram signs off.

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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