Mr Thakural’s wife is a look-alike of Tulsi

There will be an interesting twist in Kyunki this week as Mr Thakural comes to know that Tulsi looks exactly like his wife. This is revealed as Tulsi and Mihir go to Mr Thakural’s house for dinner. Mr Thakural’s wife has not been shown on screen yet. Incidentally real life couple Gautami and Ram (Tulsi and Mr. Thakural) will be seen on screen for the first time since appearing together on Ghar Ek Mandir 3-4 years ago.

Mrinal Jha, scriptwriter of the show tells us, “The deep mystery between Thakural and the Virani family is going to be shown this week. Mr.Thakural realizes Tulsi looks exactly life his wife who has left him and he has no clue whether she is alive or dead. Mr Thakural has been treating a statue as his wife so far and goes mad after watching Tulsi.”

Explaining the track further, Mrinal says, “Tulsi is going to be shocked after watching his behaviour. We want to devote more time to this drama. Further, after realizing all this, Mihir will feel insecure about working with Mr Thakural and will also rethink about his contract with him.”

What more is going to happen in the serial in the coming days? “Joydeep’s makeover will happen this week. Apart from that, the three bahus of the family will feel humiliated as Tulsi is continuously winning over hearts and now Eklavya is going to also join them again. He thinks it is because of Tulsi that Krishnatulsi and Lakshya are getting a chance to be with each other and that’s why Krishnatulsi is not paying attention to him.”

In last episode, Tulsi dreamt about her days in the asylum and got scared. That apart, Mihir and Tulsi successfully sent their stock of food to their foreign client even though their bahus tried to create hurdles for them. On the other hand, Archita is pretending that she is seeing someone else and Joydeep is ignoring Bhoomi.

Sonali Joshi

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