Juhi Parmar as a Lawyer for the First time on Television!

The versatile Juhi Parmar adorns a Lawyer’s robe this time, as the sincere and dutiful Kumkum is now all set to save her husband Sumeet from the clutches of law. Juhi Parmar is very excited to play a Lawyer for the first time in her illustrious career. Knowing her, she is not leaving any stone unturned, and to do full justice to her character, she is actually consulting a real life lawyer from the Bombay High Court , Dr. U.A. Kohir, LLB, PHD to give her tips on how lawyers behave and fight cases…

Telly Buzz managed to get a few words from the New Lawyer onscreen, Juhi Parmar. “Yes, I am consulting the honourable lawyer, Dr. Kohir. Normally, in films and serials, we have always seen lawyers getting loud and scream their heart out to prove a point. But I do not want to be dramatic in my portrayal. Yes, in serials, little bit of drama is needed, but I would prefer to be subtle.In the track where I play the lawyer, I am not loud at all, unless it is required. I will be talking matter of fact and will be a lawyer who is more towards the real side. Infact, my very aim of consulting Dr. Kohir was to get an idea on how a lawyer will behave in a court and proceed with a given case. I wanted to bring in the real mannerisms in the character”, says Juhi.

Sumeet and Kumkum have surely gone thro’ a tough phase in the past few weeks, but with Kumkum fighting for Sumeet now, the viewers can breathe a sigh of relief as their heartthrob is in safe hands. Wishing Ms. Perfectionist, Juhi Parmar all the very best for the ‘ First Case of her life’…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
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