“I am too young to wear designer clothes” – Zalak Thakkar

This 19 year old is not a novice in the world of entertainment. She took her baby steps in into showbiz as a filmi dance teacher, dabbled with various regional films and has featured in Gujarati TV shows. But it was with her landmark show – Saarthi on Star Plus that actor Zalak Thakkar (Bhumika) got super lucky with and paved her way for name and fame.

In a short and snappy chit chat with Rachana Trivedi, Zalak shares with us her lifestyle and fitness fundas.

Dance my way to fitness:
I love to dance in order to keep fit; it’s a great stress buster too. I believe that acting and dancing are inborn talent. I have learnt Kathak for four years but left it as it was too hectic to learn and teach all together. I use to coach western filmi dance. However I used to love teaching garba (Gujarati folk dance). Whenever I reach home early, I simply switch on my music and just let go. I make it a point to rehearse everyday.

Diet Mantra:
I like to eat ma ke haat ka khana (food cooked by my mom). I am very simple and so is my food, that’s basic dal, roti, rice and green vegetables. Being a veggie is good for one’s health. I try to take home cooked food even on my sets.

Dressing up:
I wear clothes that I’m comfortable in I feel sexy when I drape a sari, nothing can look as appealing as this Indian garment on a woman’s frame.

Brand wise:
I do like designer clothes but I think I am too young for it. Just recently, I shopped for branded clothes from big malls like Shopper’s Stop. For my show Saarthi, I wear Ritu Deora’s clothes, I love the way she styles me.

Accessories and the works:
I love earrings and also have huge collection of it. I especially love the lot I have got from Bangkok. I love shopping for accessories and also have a craving for bags and footwear. When ever I go out you can find me wearing single anklet with toe rings that goes with funky chappies and hand bag. I can’t wear imitation finger rings, I love gold rings but can’t wear them often as they are expensive. You will also find me sporting pokhraj and diamond rings, which I never take off.

Make-up essentials:
I am not very fond of makeup. I prefer the simple look when I’m not shooting. My skin is dry and sensitive so I have to take ultra care of it. I don’t use soap, it’s a face wash for me. I get blackhead due to my skin type and so my everyday regime is the application of a scrubber and a home made pack prepared by my mom. On an outing with friends, I use a moisture and kajal.

Scent of a woman:
I love to wear Rasasi’s Chastity. It smells feminine and also makes me feel cool. It’s a strong perfume with a soft and long lasting smell.

Life’s motto:
Live and let live is what I subscribe to. I get hassled if some people or circumstances disrupt my daily routine. I just can’t stand nosy parkers. I feel one should live life on their own terms.


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