Baa feels awkward going against Tulsi

Sudha Shivpuri (Baa from Kyunki) says that the latest twist in the serial, which saw her doubting Tulsi, made her feel quite weird.

“In seven years of the show I have never said a single word against her. So, it was quite weird, I felt quite awkward while enacting the scene but I guess it had to happen as she came back with a new face and since the show is about a joint family these kinds of ups and downs tend to be there,” says Sudha.

Mrinal Jha, the scriptwriter of the show, adds, “Tulsi is going to be shocked after hearing of Baa’s skepticism. It will hurt Tulsi a lot and that is why she will decide to prove that she is the real Tulsi. Baa is an innocent character, she has never been cunning. This time she expressed her feelings because Eklavya had strong evidence against Tulsi. But Baa only expressed her displeasure against a lady whom she thinks is pretending to be Tulsi and not against Tulsi. Soon, she will treat Tulsi as before.”

On Thursday (July 26) in Kyunki, for the first time Baa (Sudha Shivpuri), who has always supported Tulsi (Gautami), expressed doubt over her identity. This happened just after Eklavya (Akash Deep Sehgal) showed her pictures of Juhi Thakural, who looks exactly like Tulsi.

Sonali Joshi

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