Viveka Sharma (Sonia) died in a road accident and then on the same spot several men are found dead as the spirit of Viveka is doing the killings. This is the case which comes to Aryaamaan. Aryaamaan gets ready to solve the case and goes to that spot where he sees a woman, dressed in white clothes, standing. He charges at her but to his surprise she is a normal girl – Tina (Roshini). Just then Viveka attacks Aryaamann and in the fight as he touches Viveka one more creature appears who attacks Aryaamann. Aryaamann is hurt, Viveka possesses Tina.

Now the series of killings starts. Tina starts killing her friends one by one. Aryaamann gains consciousness and traces Tina. He goes to Tina’s house and through possessed Tina he talks to Viveka and gets to know the whole story. Viveka and her boy friend Deven died in a car crash. Deven was very possessive about Viveka and cannot imagine anyone even talking and touching her. After the crash Deven becomes a demon who is behind Viveka’s spirit!!!

What happens next??? Tune-in to Star One and find out!

Author Minnie Gupta

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