“I’ll look sexy on my own terms” -Negaar Khan

Sultry vamp Negaar Z Khan is back with a bang on Sony’s Ek Ladki Anjaani Si. She also plays a comic character Angelina in Sab’s Yess Boss.

We had a quick tete-e-tete with Negaar about both her acts.

You are re-entering Ek Ladki Anjaani Si ?
Yes. Laila is back with a bang. She has been reintroduced as Dhruv’s(Cezzane Khan) cousin. Laila who had a soft corner for Nikhil Samarth (Shakti Anand) earlier will now go all out to woo him. The fact that Nikhil is married to Ananya (Sai Deodhar) doesn’t matter to her.

Why did you quit the show last year?
That time Laila was doing nothing except looking pretty. I couldn’t waste my talent, so I quit. This was exactly the same reason why I left Zaara, Pyaar Ki Saugat as well. But the fact that the channel and production house have called me again gives me hope that I will get enough meat this time around.

Could you tell us about the revamped Yes Boss ?
I am very happy to be a part of this SAB TV show. The setting has been changed from an advertising firm to a News channel called `Hot News.’ I play Angelina, the main Boss, who pushes her office staff to do anything to garner high TRPs.
Angelina is not stupid but all the situations she creates are very funny. My track is mostly weaved around Asif Sheikh and Rakeesh Bedi.

Is there a romantic angle between Angelina and Mohanjee (Rakeesh Bedi)?
Angelina does not love Mohan but she sure has a soft corner for him. If you remember when Angelina first appeared as a geek, only Mohan had sympathized with her. Hence, she always tries her best to stay close to him.

You’ve been around for quite sometime in the industry. How do you rate the industry lately?
I think we are all getting into a rut. The production houses are only interested in keeping their budgets low, hence they keep introducing new faces. Nobody is bothered to see whether these kids even know the ABCD of the trade.

But if actors don’t do their job properly, will it not affect the overall quality?
In today’s scene, actors just don’t matter. What you only need is a hit story that resonates well with the audiences. Channels and production houses know that with the correct setting, they can even make a ordinary girl look sexy.

You have mostly done negative roles(Lipstick, Hum Do Hain Na,) how has the public feedback been ?
It’s been great. The fact that people hate me so much proves that I am doing my work very well.

Don ‘t you think that vamps need to be less dolled up on screen?
I know what you mean. But the creative team forces us to go overboard with make up and loud facial expressions. At times, I do put my foot down. You want me to look sexy, I will do it, but on my own terms.

By Anil Merani

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