Can Running Away from home get U Success Always?

The Season’s Flavour is truly Reality Shows!! As we watch our Favourite Contestants rock week after week , thus getting closer to their Dream and Desire, we as viewers tend to get a feeling, “Can we make it there?” Now what if a little kid dreams of reaching the Indian Idol Stage and be a part of the Fun, Glory and Success?

Here is a Real-Life incident of Milan Thakur, who was the eldest of the three kids who fled to Mumbai from Begusarai near Patna to be a part of Indian Idol…. The good news now is that, the kids are back home!! What’s more, Indian Idol actually made the Dream come True for Milan Singh as he was invited to be a guest on the show, this time accompanied by his parents, ofcourse. The lean and lanky fourteen year old Milan looked shy and a bit embarrassed too as he sat giving his first ever interview.

“I love music and singing and wanted to take part in Indian Idol, that is why I did what I did,” he confesses. “With the forty thousand that I took from home, my two young friends and me booked train tickets to Mumbai. Once in the city, a man who befriended us on the train helped us get rooms in Ashray a city hotel for Rs400 a day. Once the money was over, we began roaming the streets and even slept at railway platforms.” Confident and unafraid of any untoward incident happening to the trio, he said,” I was very careful. When the gentleman asked us to accompany him to Delhi I refused the offer,” he said firmly. Said the relieved father, “My main worry was that the children should not fall into the wrong hands.” But his pretty mother says had she known of his love for music, she would definitely have done something about it. One thing is for sure Milan is going to get some music lessons. Different from the kind of music he faced when he got back home!

Now what is your reaction as you read this horrid experience of Milan? “Thank God, they reached home safely!!!” – Is this not the phrase that comes to your mind now? Well, the Lesson is Learnt the Bitter Way!! But another point to remember is that not all are as lucky as Milan with their runaway adventures from home…

So at the end of the Day, the Moral of the Story is : “Running away from home does not always end in a Musical Journey”…. Ain’t it?

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

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