Ara ra ra… are you getting the jitters?

Ketki Dave, who was paired with Pratap Faujdar in Sony’s Comedy Circus, has refused to be a part of the show even after she was offered the wild-card entry. The jodis on the show are supposed to perform stand-up comedy acts before a 3-panel jury that evaluates them, among other things, on the chemistry the jodi shares. But Ketki and her partner was evicted in the third episode. However, as has become a practice with channels, here too the lost participants were offered a second chance via their wild-card-entry scheme.

Surprisingly, Ketki Dave is getting the jitters the second time round and she simply refused the offer. A source in the production house said, “Ketki was evicted during the third episode. Naturally, she was disappointed by her performance too. She is confident enough to perform before the audience again but she told the makers that she was too busy with her other assignments. Due to her time constraints she won’t be able to give time to the rehearsals.”

Since the show is not just about individual performance but also the chemistry between the jodi, Ketki felt that she wouldn’t be able to give time to the rehearsals and her performance and chemistry would naturally suffer. Our source added, “She does not want to give poor performance again. Moreover, she told the production house that stand-up comedy was not her cup of tea. Finally, the production house approached Maninee De to replace her.”

Ketki Dave with partner Pratap Faujdar
Vipul D Shah, head of creative services of Comedy Circus confirmed the news. “Actually after her elimination, Ketki was not comfortable with the idea of doing the show again. Since she has been doing Kyunki… and has other commitments to theatre she does not have the time for the rehearsals. She was okay with a solo act but accepted that stand-up comedy was not her cup of tea. Because she was unwilling, we too didn’t force her. It was a mutual decision,” he said.

When the casting was going on, Maninee was in the USA and the makers could not approach her. “We always wanted to work with Maninee. We went to her 24 hours before the shooting and she really helped us out. We really thankful to her,” Vipul added.

So far, four jodis have been evicted from Comedy Circus, Ketaki Dave and Pratap Faujdar; Kiran Karmakar and Sunil Sawara; Swapnil Joshi and VIP, and, Varun Badola and Annu. All the four evicted participants have been given another chance by the makers to perform. The upcoming sixth episode will be a friendly one and none of them will be evicted. The seventh one will witness the elimination of two jodis.

Arra ra… but Ketki Dave was not available for comment.

Ranjib Mazumder

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