When the mighty Ravan fell

It’s not easy to ride a horse, even if you are an experienced rider. Narein Jhaa who is essaying the title role in Zee’s mythological, Ravana, realised this when he fell off the horse he was riding.

While shooting a fight sequence, Narein Jhaa could not handle the horse properly and fell off it injuring his leg. Narein was reversing the horse when he banged into a tree behind, which the actor did not notice. “It was a fight sequence where I had to ride the horse in a majestic way. While shooting, I was just trying to reverse the horse and it hit back into the tree which I just did not notice. The collision was a huge one and both, the horse and I ended up hitting the ground. I was terribly shaken and right now I’m in pain,” says Narendra.

It’s an internal injury but Narein is still limping. “I am still limping and the shoot had to be stalled for a few hours,” he adds. Since it was an important shoot Narein completed the shoot after a few hours of rest. “The battle scene had a lot of money invested in it. I somehow finished the shoot. But, my director was really helpful and co-operative,” Narein adds.

For such risky scenes, production houses generally use body double. “That’s true, body doubles are an essential part of these kinds of shows. But this particular scene was a close-up and I had to be a part of it,” he says.

Narein had to learn horse riding because he was a part of either a mythological or a historical show earlier. “I had a role in Thief of Baghdad and Amrapali in which horse-riding was a vital skill to the role. But, this time I did a blooper and the repercussion is in front of me. I guess, life has taught me a lesson,” he says.

Ranjib Mazumder

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