Time to settle scores?

After the Maayka fiasco, wherein 15 actors were sacked after they refused to work with a new production house, the actors have now got a new lease of life.

Apparently these actors have been approached by Classik Productions to be a part of another show, based on the same theme, for Sahara One.

Aarti Singh and Urmila Kanitkar have been approached to play the main leads.

Reportedly, the show will be on the lines of Maayka with a different name, but will have all the actors who are just out of Maayka.

The channel and the production house are in the process of finalising the show.

Aarti Singh who has been approached to play the lead in the new show says, “I am aware of the fact that Classik Productions is doing something for Sahara One. I would love to be a part of the show and they are giving me a lead role. But I am out of town so once I am back I will talk to them about it. Let’s see how it works out.”

Nandita Puri, another sacked actor, says, “We chose not to work with the new producer (Creative Eye) as we were supporting our previous production house (Classik Productions). Now that we have moved out of the show we are hoping to get some work soon. An attempt is being made to make a serial where all of us star together.”

Although Kalyan Sundaram, Sahara One Programming Head preferred to keep quiet about the show, he did say, “We are talking to Anjana Sood, of Classik Productions for a show. But nothing is finalised yet.”

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