Shabana Takes on Anu Malik !

After Abhijeet Sawant took centre stage with his effervescent style in Thursday’s episode, it’s Shabana Azmi’s turn to surprise the participants and the audience with her candid style and flawless diction.

Shabana is not only a celebrity guest, but she also slides into the role of a judge in her hubby Javed’s absence. “With my keen sense of music, I am expected to judge too,” she points out matter of factly. And goes out to prove that whenever Shabana Azmi does something, she does it with élan ! With her ear for music and even keener ear for correct pronunciation, Shabana proves with ample ease that she is as good a judge as her better half.

The Azmi-Akhtar household is known for holding musical soirées. The couple share a great love for music. Shabana herself sings and had trained in Carnatic vocal music for her performance in Morning Raaga . Not only does she point out the faults of the contestants in her inimitable style, she even picks up verbal duels with Anu Malik on a couple of occasions, even going to the extent of ticking Anu Malek off and telling him in no uncertain terms to stop demoralising the kids ! As expected, Alisha loves it. For once Anu ends up getting the taste of his own medicine and Shabana has the last word.

We would not be surprised if other music shows now rope Madam Azmi to sit on the judge’s chair!

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