Park street-Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka Tripathi aka Vidya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann couldn’t believe her eyes when she found the glasses of her newly bought Hyundai Verna smashed. The actress was denied a parking space in her society compound at Four Bungalows and was forced to park her car on the road, unattended. Sadly enough, Divyanka has not been allotted with a parking space even after the incident.

Divyanka poses with her new Santro before the incident Says Divyanka, “The society people, especially my landlord, refused to give me a parking area on the pretext that there was no free space in our compound. But surprisingly, I see ample space to accommodate my car. I was forced to park my car outside our compound and got the shock of my life to find the windowpane smashed the next morning. Someone had also stolen the music system of my car.”

Even after her repeated appeals to the society officials, Divyanka has not been allotted a parking space. A disgusted Divyanka adds, “I guess people in my society are not comfortable with the idea of letting a single woman stay here. It was really disheartening when they refused me for the second time after that incident. This is unfair!”

The actress is desperately hunting for a new place these days. “It’s really getting difficult for me because we don’t have an episode bank and I have to shoot all day. Now, I’m trying to find a place which will also provide me with a parking space.”

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