Maun wrat

Actor Ashima Bhalla, the protagonist (Sudha) of Star Plus’ prime time show, Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni, is leaving no stone unturned to get into the skin of her character. In one of the recently canned episode, Sudha had to maintain a maun vrat, in order to pray for the success of her love, Raaj. And Ashima decided to literally push envelop by keeping mum for the whole day when the episode was being shot.

“I did it for fun but believe me, it was very difficult for a loquacious person like me to keep a maun vrat,” says Ashima. And Bhalla’s real act gave the crew a pretty tough time. “Every body was at their wit’s end trying to figure out what is wrong with my voice. They even tricked me to speak, but in vain,” she laughs.

However, Ashima stuck by her one-day resolution. She explained things via sign language till the rest of the crew broke into a round of applause for her dedication. “It was difficult as I had to mime if I needed something. Still, if the crew did not understand, I had to write it down,” speaks Ashima. “At the end of the day I really wanted to laugh out loud and tell my parents about this experience, but had to continue the vrat,” she adds.

Well, this is how Ashima literally gave up her voice, at least for a day, in Sudhha’s favour!

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