Kyunki Yeh Serial Log Kyu Dekhte Hai???

Kyunki took a 6 months leap, Tulsi got a makeover, “Adarsh” sons and daughters in law have become money centric, adults are looked down upon and there is constant bickering in the family. Shantiniketan a place which was known for its principles, unity and love is now possibly a worst place to live in.

When Pulkit Samrat who plays Lakshaya in the serial was asked about the current situation in
he said “To show one person more positive, they will have to show everyone negative.” The true beauty of white that symbolises purity will be clearly visible when everything around you is dark, gloomy and black. But, Lakshya also has to say that the creative heads are doing the same thing for the last 6 years. There is no particular reason for any character to turn evil and then good again. “As an actor, I don’t judge where the track is going. I do what is expected out of me. I work for my creative satisfaction and never question the script writers.

If Kisna Lovers are wondering as to why they are seeing their favorite actor so less these days, the actor retorted “Well I was out of station for few days for some personal reasons. No, I am not shooting for any new serial and very soon you all will see me back in full action”.

Pulkit, also enlightened us about the unique fashion that Balaji Telefilms work. “When one comes on the set, it’s like there is a special Kadai kept there, where they fry all the scripts that very moment. That very moment creative heads decide what they will do next. So the actors have no clue what they will be doing and which Pakoda they will get” says the actor.”

Finally is it end of KT-Lakshaya romance? Pulkit seems to be clueless on that, “By the way this serial has been going for 7 years, there is never an end to any track. So hope for the best in every track”. Talking like a true Virani he says, “It’s a tradition in Virani House that there is a change of groom and bride at the last minute. Well viewers, there is still hope for KT-Lakshaya reunioun as in Balaji serial practices polygamy.”

One wonders, what is left in the serial that still hooks the viewers to watch it every single day? Do let us know why Kyunki is still topping TRP charts when this serial just repeats the same thing all over again with new characters.

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