Kyunki no one’s happy with Ram’s new look

After an extended wait thanks to the rains, Ram Kapoor finally made an entry in Kyunki yesterday (July 5). But in his first episode, he was nothing like the description given by the Creative Heads at the press meet. The so-called ‘new looking’ Ram had not lost too much weight and there was nothing flamboyant about him too. We asked some of the telly stars for their reaction to Ram’s entry.

Achint Kaur (Vedika, Virrudh)
“I’m not following Kyunki, but yesterday I had seen a little bit of Kyunki and I did not find anything novel about his new look. I felt that I was watching a horror movie. Don’t ask me such stupid questions. I don’t think his presence will make any difference.”

Mehul Kajeria (Rohit, Teen Bahuraniyaan)

I have left Kyunki so I don’t watch it but I happened to see yesterday’s episode unknowingly. I was not able to recognized that he was Ram. He was ok when I saw his snaps in the paper but on screen, he looked really bad. He looked too synthetic.

Roshni Chopra (Pia, Kasamh Se)

“It’s a totally different character from Mr.Walia, which he plays in Kasamh Se. He is loud and flamboyant in this. I was shocked to see him in his new avatar but at same time I was very impressed with his versatility.

Sharad Malhotra (Saagar, Banno Main…)

I have heard of Ram’s entry in Kyunki, but frankly speaking I don’t have time to watch my serial, then when will I watch other serials. I think the production house has unnecessarily hyped his entry. Kyunki is not my favorite serial anyways so I’m least bothered.

We also spoke to a couple of viewers for their feedback.

Sangita Pandya (Housewife, from Borivali) says, “I think Mr.Walia character suits him but not JR Thukral. I was very excited that Ram Kapoor will be entering Kyunki but I don’t think his presence will make any difference. His mansion was looking like that from a horror film. I think he should act in a Ramsay movie.

Vijaya Kaothalkar (a resident from Ujjain) adds, “I have lost interest in Kyunki after Smriti’s exit. These new characters are meaningless. His entry was total bakwas.”

Suman Singh (Food Technologist, Khana Khazhana) also expresses similar views. “He is a good actor no doubt but he was looking really bad yesterday. It was very irritating to see a cat in his hand and his velvet green jacket. I don’t think he will make any impact.”

Well, it’s obvious Ram’s new look did not impress too many people. Wonder what Ekta has up her sleeve now?

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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