Changing lines…

Kamya Punjabi, who plays Sindoora in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, is developing a penchant for writing dialogues. The actress changes her lines at the eleventh hour without the consent of her unit members. She refuses to deliver the dialogues given to her and insists on them being changed.

Ismail Umar Khan, the director of the show, says, “Initially I used to get really irritated with her as she used to change the dialogues. She would not say it the way we would ask her to. The dialogue writers have a logic and also the experience of writing dialogues. Kamya can’t do things at her own will. Eventually I gave up and began agreeing to the changed lines as long as it suited my show and did not affect the quality. I see to it that there is mutual understanding on the sets. As long as the changes are for the better, I agree.”

Kamya agrees that she does write her own lines. She says, “I often change the dialogues when I feel they don’t go with my character. I have planned things for my character and like to keep certain reactions very subtle for Sindoora. I read the lines and make changes myself. This might come as a shock to the unit but I have never argued or fought. Who would know my character better than me? I would do nothing that would affect my character. These days I discuss the changes and then go ahead with them.”

Kavita Shyam

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